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Bail Set for Two Men Accused of Growing Marijuana

michael urziceanuMichael Urziceanu and Andrew Allestad are accused of having an illegal pot growing operation in Evaro, Montana.

Allestad, made his court appearance from the jail on Monday by video. During Allestad’s appearance, Urziceanu could be heard yelling in the background, “Your Honor, those [pot] plants are mine.”

In court Tuesday afternoon, Urziceanu smiled and nodded in agreement with most of his criminal history being read off in court. This history includes other drug charges.Andrew Allestad

The two defendants are facing felony dangerous drugs manufacturing charges. Prosecutors say the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office responded to a camp in Evaro last Friday.

At the campsite, deputies found 336 marijuana plants growing on top of two vehicles. They also found three rifles, ammunition and other tools. Allestad admitted the plants belonged to him and Urziceanu.

Allestad’s bail is set at $10,000 and Urziceanu’s is set at $25,000.

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