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New Bail Bond Policy in Lancaster County, PA

Bail bondsThe new Lancaster County policy, which goes into effect on August 22nd, establishes that Bail Bondsman have $25,000 in an account with the County, sets a ceiling for outstanding debts, and requires a bondsman there to have a local office.

According to Nicole Decker, assistant county solicitor who drafted the policy, Any outstanding debt regarding fugitive prisoners out on bail will be taken from the bondsman’s account.

Previously there were no set standards and bondman would too often be relinquished of the finacial responsibility when a prisoner failed to appear in court.

District Attorney Craig Stedman, an advocate for the new policy, remarked “That allowed (bondsmen) as many debts as they wanted without ramification. You could just keep writing bonds whether it was a good risk or not.”

Currently, there are three major Bail Bond issuers in the county, Lancaster Bail Bonds (James Fabie and Steve Schiding), Zeke’s Bail Bonds (Zeke Kopeika) and Sylvester “Casey” Jones. In select cases there are other surety and insurance agents that also post bail. So far only one, Lancaster Bail Bonds, has submitted the $25,000 deposit.

Decker stated that Jones has amassed the county’s largest tab, about $500,000, he is on a monthly payment plan and hasn’t missed a deadline yet.

Fabie says that it won’t be a problem for him to follow the new rules. He often hires fugitive recovery agents to assist in pursuing and returning his Skips (clients who fail to appear in court.)

“When I started (in 1995), there were literally millions of dollars owed to the county,” said County Judge Dennis Reinaker

The new policy is expected to prevent a bondsman from running up such a large tab, as well as, trim the number of people who post bail there.
Additional Details: Lancaster Online

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